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Health insurance

Created: 2014.09.04

Resolution No. 230 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania March 1, 2005 on the Approval of the General Description of Health Insurance Procedure in Respect of Aliens became effective on 6 March 2005.

According to above mentioned Resolution, aliens, who are going to visit the Republic of Lithuania or are applying for a Temporary Residence Permit of the Republic of Lithuania, must to hold Health Insurance Contract (Policy).

The provisions of the General Description shall not apply to those aliens who enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for by international agreements and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania:

  • Members of staff of foreign diplomatic missions, consular posts, missions of international organizations and members of their families who enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for by the rules of international law;
  • Members of official delegations of foreign states;
  • Aliens who have diplomatic and service passports;
  • Aliens who work legally in the Republic of Lithuania and pay the prescribed social insurance contributions in the Republic of Lithuania as well as minor members of their families;
  • Citizens of EU Member States and Member States of the European Free Trade Association as well as members of their families;
  • Persons who pass in transit through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania and are in possession of facilitated transit or facilitated rail transit documents;
  • Servicemen of foreign states and civil servants assigned to armed forces as well as their dependants.

A health insurance contract in respect of an alien may be concluded with an insurance undertaking of any state.

The Health Insurance Contract (Policy) shall guarantee that all basic medical assistance costs and travel expenses which may arise in connection with the return, for health reasons, of an alien to homeland (medical transportation, including escort by medical brigade or a doctor) will be covered.

The following shall be indicated in a health insurance contract (policy) issued by an insurance undertaking:

  • Number of Health Insurance Contract (Policy);
  • Particulars of the insurance undertaking (name, address of registered office, telephone or fax number);
  • Full name of the insured person;
  • The amount of health insurance;
  • Duration of Health Insurance Contract (Policy);
  • Territorial coverage of Health Insurance Contract (Policy);
  • Non-insured events.

The Health Insurance Contract (Policy) shall contain entries in at least one of the following languages: Lithuanian, English, German, French, and Russian.

The minimum amount of health insurance in respect of a single alien shall be:

  • LTL 20 000, where he arrives in the Republic of Lithuania without a visa; in case of issuing, changing the status of or extending an airport transit (A), transit (B) or long-term (D) visa or a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • LTL 30 000, in case of issuing or extending a short-term visa (C).

A Health Insurance Contract shall be valid throughout the whole period of an alien’s stay in the Republic of Lithuania.

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